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BOE Committee Listings



Audit Committee
Mike Goldberg, Anthony Giordano
Alternate: Suzanne D’Amico 

BOCES Representative for Budget Workshops
Mike Goldberg, Mario Espinosa
Alternates: Anthony Giordano 

Facilities Assessment Advisory Committee
Anthony Giordano, Arlene Soete
Alternates: Mario Espinosa, Mike Goldberg

Policy Committee
Kathy Lively
Alternates: Arlene Soete, Mario Espinosa

Safety Committee
Kathy Lively, Suzanne D’Amico
Alternate: Mario Espinosa, Anthony Giordano

Wellness Committee
Arlene Soete
Alternate: Kathy Lively

NYSSBA State Legislative Network
Kathy Lively
Alternate: Mario Espinosa

Legislative Action Committee
Kathy Lively, Suzanne D’ Amico
Alternate: Anthony Giordano

Mike Goldberg
Alternate: Kathy Lively


ae888 Youth Council
Kathy Lively, Anthony Giordano
Alternates: Ralph Morales, Mario Espinosa

PTA Council
Mike Goldberg, Kathy Lively
Alternates: Mario Espinosa, Suzanne D’Amico

Library Liaison
Mario Espinosa
Alternate: Suzanne D’ Amico

Suzanne D’ Amico, Mario Espinosa
Alternates: Anthony Giordano, Mike Goldberg

Chamber of Commerce
Kathy Lively
Alternate: Suzanne D’Amico

Community Summit
Mike Goldberg
Alternates: Anthony Giordano, Kathy Lively

Concerned Citizens of ae888
Kathy Lively, Arlene Soete
Alternates: Mario Espinosa, Anthony Giordano

Local Associations
Kathy Lively
Alternate: Ralph Morales

IDA Town of Nassau and Town of Babylon
Suzanne D’Amico
Alternates: Mike Goldberg, Anthony Giordano

Republic Airport Commission
Mario Espinosa
Alternate: Arlene Soete

Ralph Morales
Alternates: Mike Goldberg, Mario Espinosa

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