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    The East Islip High School CORE Technology Skills class just completed a 10-week program in Robotics. The CORE Technology Skills class taught by Mr. Connell designed, created and built competition robots using the VEXGO system. VEX GO is an affordable construction system that teaches the fundamentals of STEAM through fun, hands-on activities that help young students perceive coding and engineering in a fun and positive way! After completing several activities based around building with the VEXGO parts and equipment, the students learned how to code their robots and got them to run autonomously (by themselves) in the game field that they constructed. These activities culminated with a classroom competition in which the students drove their robots and competed against one another in two-minute head-to-head matches.  

    "This is the first year that I've taught the CORE Technology Skills class. The VEXGO curriculum makes learning about robotics easy and enjoyable for the students. I feel like they really benefited from the experience and learned a lot in the process."

    -Mr. Connell (Technology Education Teacher)